Tuff Butt April

Sorry I am 10 days late with this… but here is TUFF BUTT APRIL! From perf-fect.tumblr.com. Let’s work out!


Exercise TV Gone!!

Sometimes when I don’t feel like driving through 5pm traffic to go to the gym (like today), I would stay home and workout to an OnDemand video in the Exercise TV channel. I find out today that the Exercise TV has been CANCELLED!! WHAT??! The one good thing on OnDemand that helps people get up and get moving is now cancelled?? UGH!! Thank goodness for TumblrGym because they have links to a lot of workout videos you can do! I just got finished doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. That woman is NUTS. She does NOT believe in breaks! I just finished the 20 minute Level 1 video and I’m sweating and my hands are shaking as I type this! LOL. I feel good 🙂 I also realized that I have NO upper body strength. I need to work on that.

See the difference.

It is crazy to see how much people accumulate fat in their bodies. Though I am not as overweight or as thin as the women in the photo, it does put weight into perspective and how much we shouldn’t have to carry around everyday. I am 30lbs heavier than what I used to be, and 30lbs is pretty heavy. Can you imagine carrying around a 30lb dumbbell around? Or even 10 or 15? I can’t even imagine carrying around an extra 100-150lbs!

I have my weight constantly on my mind. I even find myself doing small things now, like calf raises when I brush my teeth and incline pushups on my sink as I use my mouthwash. It sounds silly, but it is better than doing nothing right?


One of the best places to go online for motivation to workout is Tumblrgym. This site has all kinds of motivation posters, quotes, recipes, before and after pictures, videos, tips… basically a one stop shop for everything you may want or need to get up and get moving! I think this site is one of the reasons why I wanted to get more active and get serious about losing weight. If you go to the site, you will see a lot of pictures of women who look something like this:

I mean, what woman doesn’t want to look like this?? I sure do! I mean, I used to look something like this in high school, which is why I am working out now. I would love to be fit, healthy, STRONG, and satisfied with my health and my body. Not only do I want to lose weight, but I want to gain muscle. I miss having muscles. I know it will take me a while to get here, but I know I can do it!