My CrossFit Experience!

Last week I finished my 2 weeks of CrossFit On-Ramp classes. These classes are designed to teach newbie Crossfitters (like me) about Olympic lifting, form, and gives you a scaled down version of what a regular CrossFit class is like. I learned a few things after these classes.

1. I LOVE weight lifting! Being able to lift a barbell over my head is a rush. I love strength training and the feeling of completing my reps is so awesome! I am even developing muscle definition on my body after only 2 weeks! Crazy.

2. CrossFit is HARD. This is no picnic ladies and gents. CrossFit pushes your body to its limits and it never gets easier. Whether you want to increase the weights you lift, do your reps faster, or increase your reps, your workouts will always be tough. ALWAYS.

3. I’m scared to take regular classes. I only got a small taste of what regular classes are like and to be completely honest, I’m terrified! I mean, doing an 18 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) is scary! Lifting weights over 100lbs and doing exercises I know I couldn’t even do one rep of…. I can barely do ONE pullup! I mean seriously, my upper body strength is abysmal.

I am going to my first CrossFit class tomorrow and I’m so scared. I don’t want to let myself down and I want to be able to keep up with others. But this leads me to the fourth lesson I am still in the process of learning:

4. You are only in competition with yourself! Yes there is most likely someone in your class who is stronger, faster, and overall more athletic than you. Yes you might end up being the last person to finish. But you have to remember that you are only in competition with yourself. You can’t compare yourself to others because their level of physical fitness is different than yours. Just think that finishing your WOD (Workout of the Day) dead last is still miles ahead of people who are still sitting on the couch!

I am an extremely competitive person and I am hard on myself all the time. So finishing a workout last or struggling to keep up is something that is really hard on my ego. BUT I know that with each workout I am only getting better, stronger, and faster. That’s the internal battle I am struggling with right now.

I only have 14 classes left on my Groupon for CrossFit and that will determine whether or not I signup for a membership.

Any CrossFitters out there have advice for a newbie like me? Thanks!



Recently I have been doing barbell squats. Don’t know what they are? Here’s a pic!

I am starting with 45lb. weights on each side, so including the bar, the total weight is 135lbs. Not bad, eh?

The first time I did them I felt so uncoordinated. It feels a little weird because there is a lot of weight on a different part of your body. It’s not on your legs or you’re not holding it in your hands, its on your shoulders. I just had to make sure that I maintained form 100% because I did not want to injure myself!

Benching, squats, leg press… I feel like a beast in the gym! RAWR!

I gotta say though, just getting myself to the gym is the hard part. Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to go. Thank God for my boyfriend because he motivates me (*cough* forces me *cough*) to go when I don’t want to!

Weight Lifting Progress!

So I have mentioned before that my boyfriend shared some information he learned in one of his Pre-Physical Therapy classes on how to get stronger. Do 3 sets of 5 reps at 90% of your max weight. Here are my results after 8 weeks:

Bench Press: 80 lbs.
Leg Press: 320 lbs.

Bench Press: 105 lbs.
Leg Press: 360 lbs.

I went up 25 lbs. in bench and 40 lbs. in leg press! RAWR! I definitely got stronger and I am living proof that this method works! My goal is to have two 45 plates on each side when I bench, which would be 135 lbs. So I have 30lbs more to go.

Ladies, I know you’re thinking “I don’t want to get bulky, so I’m going to stick with these 5 lb. weights and do a bajillion reps…” NO. NO NO NO. You will NOT get bulky at all. You will get toned, have more defined muscles, get stronger and look like this:

I would LOVE to look like this! So get out there, pick up those weights and lift, lift, LIFT!

Body Fat

I have been working out HARD the past month, which includes running (training for my 5k), weight lifting, and abs. I have not lost ANY weight. I am going to assume this is because of my weight lifting and my fat is being replaced with muscle.

For my weight lifting regimen I am doing 3 sets of 5 at 90% of my max, gradually increasing my weight:

  • 5/22 – 5/24   Leg Press: 320lbs   Bench Press: 80lbs
  • 5/29 – 5/31   Leg Press: 320lbs   Bench Press: 90lbs
  • 6/14 – 6/21   Leg Press: 340lbs   Bench Press: 90lbs

For running I am on a schedule, but right now I am running on the treadmill:

  • 1 mile at 1.5 incline at 5.5mph
  • 12 incline at 5.5mph for 1 minute (3 times)

I am also doing the Tabata Method for the next 3 weeks, along with ab workouts, elliptical cardio, and other weight lifting. I am working out at least 5 days a week!

That’s a lot huh??! I know weight loss is not fast, but I would like to lose these next 20-30 lbs. Though I do see that my legs and arms are getting more defined and I don’t have as much “belly fat” as I used to. I just have to keep pushing along!

OMG My Legs!

I have been doing the YouTube exercise video I posted a few days ago for the past 2 days and OMG my hamstrings are SO SORE! But I love it! That means I’m closer to my goal, that means my muscles are working, and I’m getting stronger. I definitely have more motivation to get stronger than to lose weight.

Exercise TV Gone!!

Sometimes when I don’t feel like driving through 5pm traffic to go to the gym (like today), I would stay home and workout to an OnDemand video in the Exercise TV channel. I find out today that the Exercise TV has been CANCELLED!! WHAT??! The one good thing on OnDemand that helps people get up and get moving is now cancelled?? UGH!! Thank goodness for TumblrGym because they have links to a lot of workout videos you can do! I just got finished doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. That woman is NUTS. She does NOT believe in breaks! I just finished the 20 minute Level 1 video and I’m sweating and my hands are shaking as I type this! LOL. I feel good 🙂 I also realized that I have NO upper body strength. I need to work on that.