Changes & New Running Shoes!

So when I went to the gym on Tuesday, I was at the free weights area with the mirrors. I looked at myself and I actually LIKED WHAT I SAW! I saw someone that was toned and a little bit slimmer. I even noticed that day that my workout top was looser on me, when it was tight 6 weeks ago. Progress!

As of last week I have lost 1/2″ on my hips, arms, legs, and 1″ from my waist. It is such a slow process to lose weight! But I did gain this weight over a span of 8 years. I’m gonna be honest, I hate stepping on the scale. But this time it shows I’ve lost 2lbs in a week. I guess I’m doing something right!

Here is a pic of me leg pressing 360+ lbs (I don’t know if you count the bar or not?). Four 45lb plates on each side! Woooo!

Last Saturday my boyfriend took me on jog at our college and he showed me the path he used in his jogging class. I ran 2 miles! TWO. MILES. I’ve never run for that long in my life! It took me 25 minutes, 20 seconds. I am so proud of myself that I did it! I could have probably run longer but don’t get me wrong, I was DEAD tired. Afterwards I went to a running store and got some running shoes fitted.

The guy who helped me was VERY knowledgeable. He watched how I walked, ran, he took measurements of my feet while sitting and while standing. He had me try on 3 different shoes: one had a lot of arch support and padding, one had less arch support and less padding, but I picked the one that was a happy medium of the two.

These are my new Asics running shoes 🙂 My shin splints aren’t as painful now and I love how supportive and cushion-y they are! Not my first choice in color, but it’s fine.


Nike Free Run+ 2

Okay so I own 3 pairs of Nike Free Shoes. 1 pair of Nike Free Trainer 7.0 for the gym, Nike Free 5.0, and Nike Free Run.

And I want MORE! These are the most comfortable shoes ever created. SERIOUSLY! Go get a pair. Now. What are you waiting for? They are a little pricy at $90 a pair, but SO worth it. And great for running or just looking good at the gym! 🙂

I want to get these Nike Free Run+ 2 in these colors:

Yeah, I’m addicted. But these are the best shoes ever! Maybe I’ll splurge on a pair or two when my tax return comes through 😀