I Ran 1.5 miles!

So my bf is going into Physical Therapy and he wanted to calculate my V02 max.

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance.

To test me, he had me run a mile and a half straight. I have NEVER run a mile and a half straight. Even when I was in amazing athletic condition in high school I never ran more than a mile straight. I was always a sprinter in track, I played basketball, and P.E never tested you for more than a mile, so I never really ran long distance. I ran 1.5 miles on Saturday and I’m happy to say that I did it! I ran 1.5 miles straight! Extremely SLOW running, but I didn’t stop. I ran it in 19 min, 42 seconds.

Anyways, he calculated my V02 Max and it is 20.3. Healthy for women my age is 35. That is not good at all! I am happy that I know I can run 1.5 straight, but extremely sad because my oxygen intake is really poor.

I know that if I continue doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with a combination of steady state exercise and resistance training that my v02 max will improve in time, but it’s frustrating to see my initial result being so low.

And I only have 11 weeks until I do The Color Run 5k!

I’m going to the gym tonight. No if, ands, or buts.

Note: If you’d like to calculate your V02 max like I did here is the link with the formula: http://www.mckinley.illinois.edu/Handouts/pdfs/cardiorespiratory_fitness.pdf


Tabata Method

So my boyfriend was telling me of a great way for me to increase my V02 max, thus increasing my stamina when I workout. This is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) called… The Tabata Method.

Here is the Tabata Method:

  • 3 minute warmup
  • 20 second sprints / 10 second walk (Repeat 8x)

I know your thinking, “Hey! That’s only 4 minutes!” Well it is only 4 minutes. 4 minutes of HELL. You don’t understand how LONG 20 seconds really is and how SHORT 10 seconds is. And you are sprinting at 100% capacity for 20 seconds with barely any rest in between. I have done the Tabata Method on Monday as well as yesterday and my body is SORE. My shoulders, lats, abs, quads, hammies, calves, Soleus muscle, and the arches of my feet… ALL sore. This is no joke.

I’m not doing this method so I can lose weight (though this method can decrease belly fat), this just so I gain muscle strength and increase my stamina for future workouts. I am going to do this for 5 weeks then try to run for distance to see how much my stamina has increased.

Has anyone else tried this method? How do you like it? Did you see results?