Awesome “Arms & Abs” October!

I’ve created a workout calendar for October! If you’re up for the challenge, try out the “Awesome Arms & Abs October” challenge! This is NO DAYS OFF! You get out what you put in!

*Please note: If you cannot do a full push-up, modified pushups are acceptable with knees on the ground. Also if doing planks on your forearms is too challenging, you can plank in push-up position. Remember to keep your butt down to work those abs! Also, pay attention to how many SETS of each workout you will be doing. They gradually go up through the month!

This is my first workout calendar! Please let me know how you liked this workout and how challenging it was!

Don’t forget to share this workout with your friends and family!

Awesome Arms and Abs October


Mad Abs March!

For those who participated in Fab Ab February, here is the calendar for March! Mad Abs March! Yeaaaaah boyyyy let’s do this! Gotta look right for the summer!

*note* I did NOT create this calendar. I found this on Pinterest and decided to share 🙂 Enjoy! And get fit with me!