When I was a sophomore in high school I took a weight training class. I was one of 5 girls in there and by the end of the year I was benching 135, could max out leg press over 425lbs, and run a mile in 7 minutes. That next year I wanted to box. Not in competition or anything like that, but just to stay strong and in shape. Unfortunately my dad was against the idea of me buying a speed bag and body bag and hanging it up in the garage 😦 This was around 2001 when Laila Ali was boxing. Obviously she was my role model!

I wanted to be fit, sculpted, and STRONG. There is NOTHING like having an increased amount of strength and having that drive to keep going and push yourself. There is actually this boxing club close to my apartment and I’m kind of interested in checking it out. They say that beginners are welcome and it’s a 45 minute workout 3 days a week. I WANT to sign up, but I’m kind of scared at the same time. But seeing pictures like the one below makes me motivated to push myself! I’m still not sure if I’ll sign up. It depends on cost and if I stop being a big, fat CHICKEN! LOL Uhhhh nevermind! I did some research and found that class is $225 a MONTH! Psh… no way!