Progress! Slow and steady.


Hey everyone! I’m back to give some updates on my weight loss progress.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 months now and I’ve probably lost about 5lbs. Not a significant loss, but I’ve slimmed down A LOT. My clothes are starting to fall off my body, especially around my waist. And I’m LOVING IT! Here is a picture of me at the exact same weight, about 9 weeks in between pictures.


In both pictures I am 170lbs. This is exactly why the scale doesn’t necessarily matter. While I am gaining muscle and losing fat, I am slimming up so my weight stayed the same. But even though I haven’t lost weight in this picture, I FEEL better and healthier!

Since this picture 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve lost another 3 lbs.

My routine lately as been to go to CrossFit 4 days a week, and after each class take a mile jog. It’s definitely tough, but I need the rest of this fat to fall off me! That can only happen with hard work and dedication.

I have a long way to go still, but I know I will get there!


See the difference.

It is crazy to see how much people accumulate fat in their bodies. Though I am not as overweight or as thin as the women in the photo, it does put weight into perspective and how much we shouldn’t have to carry around everyday. I am 30lbs heavier than what I used to be, and 30lbs is pretty heavy. Can you imagine carrying around a 30lb dumbbell around? Or even 10 or 15? I can’t even imagine carrying around an extra 100-150lbs!

I have my weight constantly on my mind. I even find myself doing small things now, like calf raises when I brush my teeth and incline pushups on my sink as I use my mouthwash. It sounds silly, but it is better than doing nothing right?