So I have been working out HARD for the past 2 months. I lost about 4 more pounds by last week and what do I see on the scale this morning? A 3 pound weight gain!


Could be water weight. Could be the Taco bell I had last night (I reaaaalllllly shouldn’t have eaten that, but I literally haven’t had fast food in weeks!!) But it’s just frustrating to see the scale go UP when I’m used to it going DOWN.

But on a brighter note my clothes are feeling looser and I am slimming up. I need to take measurements when I get home and compare them to the ones I took 6 weeks ago.

Gotta keep pushing and working towards my goal weight/body!


Nike Free Run+ 2

Okay so I own 3 pairs of Nike Free Shoes. 1 pair of Nike Free Trainer 7.0 for the gym, Nike Free 5.0, and Nike Free Run.

And I want MORE! These are the most comfortable shoes ever created. SERIOUSLY! Go get a pair. Now. What are you waiting for? They are a little pricy at $90 a pair, but SO worth it. And great for running or just looking good at the gym! 🙂

I want to get these Nike Free Run+ 2 in these colors:

Yeah, I’m addicted. But these are the best shoes ever! Maybe I’ll splurge on a pair or two when my tax return comes through 😀