Busy, busy busy!

This past summer I told myself that I was going to go hard in gym during the fall/winter months, but apparently I don’t have as many days to work out as I’d like. I can go to the gym Monday/Wednesday and go running on Friday after work, but that’s it. Why? Because I joined my friend’s bowling league! That’s right. BOWLING! We bowl on Thursdays, and I practice Tuesdays with my  boyfriend’s dad. Once I get more comfortable, I will probably stop practicing Tuesdays and use that day to workout.

Because of my lack of time, I will need to go extra hard on Monday/Wednesday! I’ve been on this great path of losing weight, and I don’t want to ruin that.

I want to lose at least 9 more pounds in the next 2 months to meet my 2nd mini-goal of hitting the 150s! I hope I can do it!


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