Recently I have been doing barbell squats. Don’t know what they are? Here’s a pic!

I am starting with 45lb. weights on each side, so including the bar, the total weight is 135lbs. Not bad, eh?

The first time I did them I felt so uncoordinated. It feels a little weird because there is a lot of weight on a different part of your body. It’s not on your legs or you’re not holding it in your hands, its on your shoulders. I just had to make sure that I maintained form 100% because I did not want to injure myself!

Benching, squats, leg press… I feel like a beast in the gym! RAWR!

I gotta say though, just getting myself to the gym is the hard part. Sometimes I don’t have the motivation to go. Thank God for my boyfriend because he motivates me (*cough* forces me *cough*) to go when I don’t want to!


One thought on “Squats!

  1. Your boyfriend is a good man! 🙂 Nobody ever regrets getting the workout in! Squats are awesome, and here’s the real kicker. They are the secret to a nice firm backseat! haha

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