6/19 Workout

So my bf has me on this running schedule that seemed pretty hard to me, and today was Day 1. Sad to say that I only made it through half my workout. I was mad, upset, frustrated, and all kinds of irritated. I was so disappointed with myself and I was almost ready to cry in the gym. I have these high expectations for myself and I want to do all these things right now, but I need to understand that I have to work up to it. *sigh* Tomorrow is another day…


2 thoughts on “6/19 Workout

  1. At least you got up and got running. Don’t beat yourself up! You’re making changes for the better. Stay positive, tell yourself you’re worth is and it’ll happen all in good time.

    • I guess I just have to keep believing that the longer I stick with it the better I will get at it. Thank you for your positive feedback! I appreciate it.

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