Strength & Progress

If you guys remember my last post I talked about doing a weight lifting routine that requires you to lift 90% of your max and do 3 sets of 5. My leg press weight is still at 320lbs, but my bench press went up 10lbs! I’m now benching 90lbs! My mini-goal is to hit 100lbs. In high school my max bench weight was 135lbs, so if I can surpass that, that will be so amazing!

As far as the running game goes I haven’t been running the past 4 days because of Memorial Day Weekend. I will continue to do my Tabata training tonight and in a couple weeks I will be running for distance hardcore. I only have 9 more weeks until my 5k! If I can even run 2 miles non-stop I’ll be happy. I was never a long distance runner. So for me to go from running a mile straight to anything more than that is a definite improvement.

Other than that I’ve been working out at least 4-5 days a week, though I’m not seeing any physical changes, which is sort of depressing =( But I heard it takes 12 weeks for you to see changes in  yourself, so I just have to keep working hard and eventually I will get there!


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