AM Workouts

Okay. So I’m trying to evaluate my life and my weight loss goals and here is the deal. I go to work from 9-5 and I don’t get home until 5:30pm or a little after that. I would like to do cardio workouts at least an hour every day. But by the time I drive to the gym 10 miles away, drive home, take a shower, and cook dinner it is looking to be around 9:30-10pm by the time I get to eat! No bueno. So I’m thinking I should try working out every morning.

If I wake up at 6:30 and workout for an hour, I’ll be done by 7:30am. Shower until 7:45ish. Eat breakfast around 8am. That gives me enough time to leave to go to work at 8:30am. Now here lies the problem. WAKING UP AT 6:30AM. I’m not gonna lie. I sleep late and wake up late. I have SUCH a hard time waking up at 8am to get ready for work. How in the bloody hell am I going to get up at 6:30am! I just don’t see this happening.

Anyone out there have experience with doing early AM workouts? How do you like it? Was it hard for you to do at first?


3 thoughts on “AM Workouts

  1. The best advice is just do it! Not the most original but still! The way you feel all day after a morning work out makes up for it! I’m a night owl too but the only time i can fit in a work out is in the mornings before my daughter wakes up! So good luck!

  2. I much prefer the morning workouts, when I can get it done. It’s not so much the waking up early, it’s the getting out of the house part I have trouble with. Also, have you considered going straight to the gym after work and/or for the cardio to just to run in your neighborhood? (first time finding blog, so I’m not sure where you live)

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