I Suck At Running.

First, I’d like to apologize to you all that I have been gone for a whole month! Second, you will be pleased to know that during that time… I finished my second degree!! w00t w00t! *does the cabbage patch* I now have TWO Bachelors of Science degrees 🙂 Hurray!

To celebrate (yeah right) I went for a short run around the lake by my apartments. I wanted to see how well I could run outdoors and how long it would take me to run a mile. The path had inclines and declines and two times around equals about 1 mile. Long story short…that was a HORRIBLE run. It took me 13:26 to run/walk one mile 😦 I was tired after a quarter mile and I couldn’t breathe. Plus the fact that I am carrying an extra 30lbs is slowing my body down. UGH. Running outdoors is nothing like the treadmill. I think need to start running more often, no matter how much I suck at it or how much it hurts to do. If you were to know me for one thing, know that I am a perfectionist because I hate not being good at something. I hate it. I have to excel in everything I do and this running thing is frustrating. Hopefully with consistent running I can get better at it. Today my back and legs are sore. I missed this soreness!

ImageI downloaded the Nike GPS app from iTunes which allows me to track my pace, time, distance and route. It’s pretty cool. I used to use the Nike+ sensor you put in your shoe a couple years ago, which worked, but sometimes I had issues with the calibration. Now I can just use my phone or iPod Touch when I run through GPS. I will be using this app every time I run so I can track my progress… and struggles lol.


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