Happy Leap Year… er… Day?

Today we get an extra day! And it’s one day before we start Mad Abs March! It consists of side planks (ugh I hate those…), crunches, and pushups. My pushups have actually gotten a lot better. I’ve been doing a lot of strength training with Jillian Michaels’ workouts and weight lifting at the gym on weekends. Surprisingly pushups aren’t so bad anymore. I use to HATE doing them! My arms were like twigs lol Losing weight helps make pushups easier as well. Side planks on the other hand are difficult. But this is the perfect opportunity to help me strengthen my core.


[edit] I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to what a side plank is. So here are some pictures!

Option 1

This is just balancing yourself on your forearm and the side of your feet. No movement here. Pretty basic.

Option 2

This requires you to balance yourself on your hand instead of your forearm. I’m not sure if this move is easier or harder than option 1. Anyone want to chime in on this?


Option 3

This move is similar to Option 1, but you are moving your hips so they touch the floor then back up to plank position. This is tough, so you can start here or work up to this one.

Option 4

This is another option you can do. Starting off in plank position with forearm, use your other arm and move it in front of you (or underneath you like in the picture) and back up to the sky again.

Option 5

For those who are having a REALLY difficult time with side planks, you can put one knee down until you are strong enough to hold yourself up on your own.


I would like to thank everyone who is coming to my site!! It is nice to receive and give encouragement and it really does keep me motivated! Losing weight and staying in shape is a LIFE change and is definitely not easy! Gotta keep moving!


9 thoughts on “Happy Leap Year… er… Day?

  1. I’m looking forward (total lie, but whatever) to adding the Mad Abs to my daily work out. I’ve committed to running every day during Lent and so far so good. This fits nicely with my regimine. Can you help with out with the side planks? I always thought they were static, something your hold. When you say 15, do you mean 15 seconds or is their a motion to these side planks?

    Thanks, Tanya

  2. I just stumbled upon your site via Pinterest, and I love that you’re so motivated and working so hard. (And I, too, love Jillian Michaels!) I’m wondering, though: So many of your posts are fitness related, with very little mention of what you’re eating? I’ve lost 40 pounds twice — after each baby — and I found that the diet was the most important part of the puzzle. Annoyingly so. I was working out like a fiend and nothing was budging until I finally caved and started tracking my calories. Maybe you can post a bit about what you’re eating and how the healthy diet is going?

    • You make a good point! Though my diet is kind of boring. I may need to cook more interesting things. I usually eat oatmeal/cereal/yogurt for breakfast, half a sandwich & salad for lunch and fish/chicken w/ veggies for dinner. Thank you for commenting! I just started this blog so this feedback really helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. just stumbled onto your website via pinterest, I love this! I’m totally joining you for this Mad Abs march!!
    I’ve been working out for a long time and I agree, losing weight is hard, but it is achievable! You just have to be conscious of whats going on around you and the choices you make ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Got to love the plank ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s early days for me, workout wise. I always though I was quite strong, but I flake out after 3 girlie push ups. What the heck? I hope it will get better with time. Will be checking out the blog! Keep motivated ๐Ÿ˜‰

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