Ripped in 30 – Week 2

So I started Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 – Week 2 and MAN is it hard. I was dripping sweat! And holy-core-workout-batman… she has you in the plank position maybe 30% of the video! I must say though that I did enjoy the workouts. And I bought 10lb weights to do the workouts before, but I think I need 5lb weights for some specific arm exercises. I’m slightly sore today, not as sore when I first did her workouts. Improvement!

And I chickened out yesterday. I didn’t go running on the treadmill before my workout. Why? Because I hate running, that’s why! I feel like 90% of running is a mental battle between “I can do this, keep going!” and “I want to give up and walk!” Plus I think I get a pretty good cardio workout with these videos. I’m breathing just as hard, or even harder, with JM videos than when I’m on the treadmill. I might be making excuses, but so what? As long as I am pushing myself to workout everyday that’s what matters right? 🙂

Oh! I also stepped on the scale this morning and I only gained 0.3 lbs! That doesn’t sound like a good thing, but after all the unhealthy eating I did this past week I think that is pretty good! I am still on track! I try not to go on the scale everyday, but it’s so hard! I like seeing progress!


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